Luxury & Beauty

On Trend, On Time For You and Your Customers

We optimise every part of your network to make your products shine, quickly adapting to demand so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Landed Cost

Full Product Transparency & Security

Maximise availability and reliability with full visibility over every SKU in your network from order through to delivery, to safely move your most valuable products where they’re needed.

Effective Supply Chain Collaboration

Aligns your stakeholders with real-time communication, insights and analytics on our Platform to make decisions faster and and adapt to changing conditions.

Smart Express Freight

Move your most important products quickly and efficiently with our Intelligent Air service, tracking and expediting the must-have SKUs without driving up your costs.

"Working with Zencargo has directly increased our product margin. Their insightful advice has helped us continuously optimise and execute cost savings across our network."
Dom Moulding, Logistics Manager, Swoon
Revenue & Service

Optimise for Demand in Real-Time

Trends move fast. We make sure your supply can keep up. Our platform helps you catch shortfalls early, adapt to spikes in demand and guarantee availability for your most important products.

Working Capital Management

Rotate Stock Efficiently

Only move and hold the inventory you need with short, reliable lead times. We work with your manufacturers to eliminate transport delays and reduce inefficiencies so you can move and sell stock faster.

Supply Chain Agility

Stay Ahead Of The Trends

Power product innovation with our global network. We can easily integrate new suppliers, cut down lead times and optimise new routes to keep your products on the cutting edge.

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Zencargo can help to reduce carbon output 15%

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