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Purchase Order visibility

We act as an extension of your team, collecting the latest Production Statuses directly from your suppliers through the Zencargo platform

Reduce Lead Times

Email notifications keep you informed of delays as the happen so you can intervene and resolve issues to prevent delays

Improved Supplier Performance

Zencargo show you the cause of delays and summarise Supplier Performance so you can tackle the systematic kinks in your chain

At Zencargo, we pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for you

Prioritise Production

Control the priority of your purchase orders with Zencargo’s interactive dashboard and adapt to your changing business needs

Delay Attribution

See the cause of delays and tackle systemic issues in your supply chain with Zencargo’s delay attribution


Zencargo makes it straightforward to manage a Global Procurement Strategy

Zencargo’s Virtual Local Offices chase your suppliers to get you real-time visibility into the progress of your Production Cycle. Email notifications flag delays as they happen so you can intervene and keep your Supply Chain moving.

  • Virtual Local Offices act as an extension of your team, communicating with your suppliers to get real Cargo-ready dates
  • Interactive Dashboards present SKU level data, giving you the complete Supply Chain picture and power to prioritise
  • Automated Analytics gives you a clear, concise and accurate picture of how supplier performance impacts your lead times


What our Customers say about us

“Zencargo is the future of freight and logistics, a one-stop shop conceived to save companies time and offer far greater visibility into the supply chain.
Kenny Harmel
Global Sales Director at Galileowatermark.com

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