Discover what supply chain solutions are best for you: diagnostic tool

May 06, 2022
Diagnostic Tool

Not having the right data, visibility or communication tools can impact your supply chain’s performance and business outcomes. In fact, 98% of supply chain professionals face challenges with being able to excel in their job; including not having the correct information to respond to internal requests and having to use old school working practices. That can lead to:

  • Missed revenue
  • Poor customer service
  • Increased carbon emissions
  • Loses from disruptions

Understanding what’s wrong with your supply chain can help you to establish what solutions will tackle the challenges you face. For example, if you struggle to see where specific items are and it is hard to gather information through multiple data sources, having all shipment data and information on one platform improves visibility and makes for easier decision making.

Find out what solutions are best for you by ticking off the checklists below!

92% of supply chain professionals encounter obstacles during their efforts to achieve visibility, including late updates, inaccurate data and difficulty tracking supplier performance.

When you have limited visibility of your shipments, it can make communication, decision making and planning difficult, as you end up lacking critical pieces of information. Without visibility of supplier and supply chain performance, it’s also hard to see if your strategies are working and to identify where improvements can be made.

What does your visibility currently look like?

You get visibility down to the item level
You know where cargo is at all times
You receive real-time data
All your supply chain data is stored on one platform
You receive updates on days with reasons
You receive accurate data for reporting purposes
You can track supplier/vendor performance
You have all the data needed to contribute to business decisions
You find it easy to identify areas that need improvement
You can effectively track supply chain performance to monitor business KPIs
In the dark
A little bit blurry
Crystal clear
0-3 ticked
4-6 ticked
7-10 ticked
It might be time to look for a freight forwarder that offers services and a platform that can help to improve visibility. Download our checklist for measuring a freight forwarder’s value to find the right partner. You still have limitations with your supply chain visibility. Read the 4 reasons your supply chain lacks visibility to explore what solutions can help. You have good visibility over your shipments and can make informed decisions. To further improve your visibility, speak with our experts on how our platform can help.

Only 4% of supply chain professionals trust their data. But, for everyone else, inaccurate, incomplete, late and irrelevant data are leading to poor business decisions.

Without reliable and live data, you make decisions based on old and inaccurate information. This can lead to increased costs, missed opportunities and poor customer service. You need data you can trust, in real time and at SKU level to ensure the decisions you make meet consumer demand, lower costs and improve processes.

What is your data quality currently like?

Your data is real-time
Your data is automatically fed into a platform
All your data is on one platform
Your shipment data is complete (including ETAs for all transport)
You can rely on the data to make business decisions
You can catch exceptions early
Your platform is not overcrowded with irrelevant data
You can easily access cost per shipment
You can easily access the required reporting metrics for leadership
You can track emissions per shipment
In the dark
A little bit blurry
Crystal clear
0-3 ticked
4-6 ticked
7-10 ticked
Improving your data quality can improve your business decisions. Watch our data quality webinar with Tamir Strauss, Chief Product and Technology Officer, for some tips on how to improve data quality. Although you have adequate data quality, it could be improved significantly. Read our article on understanding the ‘why’ behind delays to find out how you can get better data quality through our platform. You have good data quality that aids decision making, achieving KPIs and meeting consumer demand. To find out more about how you can utilise data, take a look at our article on how Zencargo uses Pledge C02 tracking technologies to provide our customers with quality data to help meet emission targets.

100% of professionals struggle with internal communication. That’s right; 100%. Whether it’s trying to explain the context of what they are doing or informing other teams about specific information that can help them complete their tasks, communication is proving difficult.

Having the right data and information can provide visibility for all teams. For example, being able to share shipment information easily means your warehouse team can stay updated on when to expect deliveries.

How well are you currently communicating with internal teams?

Teams can find specific information without having to go through multiple systems
Teams can see where specific products are
Everyone is updated on shipment delivery dates
Warehouse managers know exactly when to expect delivery
Sales and marketing confidently promote products they know will be in stock
You can easily explain reasons for delays to internal teams
Teams can analyse supplier performance
You can monitor your main KPIs effectively, and without too much trouble
Leadership understand the context of your actions and decisions
Teams understand when they can complete their tasks such as preparing stores for inventory
In the dark
A little bit blurry
Crystal clear
0-3 ticked
4-6 ticked
7-10 ticked
Poor visibility, data quality and late information are impacting your business. A digital freight forwarder can connect your team, improve efficiency and minimise disruption. Find out more here. You have some communication but there are still limits impacting clarity and making tasks difficult. Discover how you can combat these challenges and improve internal collaboration with our research report. Although achieving good internal communication is extremely difficult, your teams have the tools and information they need to collaborate effectively. Keep up the good collaboration by keeping your team informed about market changes and disruptions with our weekly market update.

95% of supply chain professionals face obstacles when collaborating with external partners, such as receiving slow responses and not being able to source missing information from the right people.

This lack of communication can lead to additional costs, increased lead times and poor customer service. It is important to have reliable collaboration with external partners to ensure that you and your customers know where goods are in transit and when to expect deliveries.

What does your external collaboration currently look like?

You can access the location of goods in transit at all times
You can track supplier responsiveness
You can contact external partners easily
Suppliers keep you updated on reasons for delays and new delivery expected dates
You can approve shipments when cargo is ready
You can tell whether order fulfilment from manufacturers and suppliers is complete
You can easily source missing documentation and make requests
You can meet consumer demand by collaborating with suppliers
You can easily spot problems with suppliers and cargo
You can easily identify underperforming suppliers
In the dark
A little bit blurry
Crystal clear
0-3 ticked
4-6 ticked
7-10 ticked
Lack of external communication is impacting your business. You could benefit from a platform that offers real-time data, collaboration tools and stores all information in one central place. Get in touch to sign up for our next product demo to see how a digital platform can enhance collaboration. Communication isn’t your strongest point and could be improved. Check out how our platform improves communication by providing you with the right tools and data. You have effective external communication that enhances decisions making and provides your teams with the information they need in time. However, you could also benefit from experts that help to solve problems and provide bespoke solutions. Read our article on the 4 things your freight forwarder should be doing for you to find out more!

Visibility, data quality and communication are the three biggest challenges supply chain professionals face highlighted by our research report. To find out more about the struggles that different businesses in the UK and Benelux are facing and how to tackle them, download our free report below.

The Supply Chain Data Crisis

100% of supply chain teams encounter obstacles in being able to operate efficiently! Find out what’s causing these challenges and how to fix them in this research report.

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