Hi, I’m Zachary White, the Vice President (VP) of Customer Success at Zencargo.

This means I manage the whole customer success team, who are responsible for driving value for our customers through our platform and supply chain expertise. 

Customer Success is Our #1 Priority

We have a lot of huge goals we want to achieve in the next year or two, but creating the best experience possible for our customers is on the top of the list.

Customer Success aims to drive the best possible outcomes for every one of our customers. That starts with building good relationships with them to understand their individual goals and needs. Once we know what they need, we can map out how to make that happen. 

Every aspect of the business becomes involved in building the right solution for our customers, sometimes by directly interacting with them. But Customer Success is the navigator for our customers. We help them understand what each team does, who to talk to, and what to do if there’s an issue. 

We’re their first point of contact, and we help liaise relationships with the other teams.

The Supply Chain Problem Affects Everybody

Honestly, I never gave supply chains much thought until shortly before joining Zencargo. Not many people do. 

Then the pandemic hit. 

In recent years, supply chains have hit the headlines around the world. Hundreds of container ships have been stuck in ports and our everyday items started taking weeks or months to arrive. Grocery store shelves were empty, even after the toilet paper crisis. Business owners had to close shop, not just because their customers couldn’t come in but because they didn’t have the supply to sell. 

The reality is that the pandemic only made it worse. Supply chain problems have existed for decades, probably longer. 

That’s why Zencargo’s mission is so important. Although it is a huge priority, we’re not just trying to make our customers happier with their shipping experience. We want to fix one of the world’s biggest problems!

Joining Zencargo

My background is in SaaS, and I worked for several different technology-based platforms, mainly in the sales and marketing space. 

I loved the work, but those areas are very crowded. You can really only move the needle for these companies so much. Over time, I started to feel like I wanted to do something a bit more ambitious. 

Around the same time as the Suez Canal incident, Zencargo’s CEO, Alex, reached out to me about joining the team. I could immediately see the potential for how we could help people and what the company could do. It certainly felt like a more dynamic move than I’d been doing.

For me and everybody else here, it’s not just about managing freight or introducing a new tool to somebody’s tech stack. We’re able to move the “needle” for our customers, sometimes saving millions in supply chain costs, and changing the way they work. 

Being able to have that kind of impact and take our customer’s on a digital journey as a supply chain partner is very exciting.

Looking Forward

It’s hard to know for sure what the next twelve months will look like, both for Zencargo and the supply chain in general.

Aside from everything we want to accomplish, I’m excited to see how we’re able to adapt and step up to the plate for our customers. Unstable markets and unpredictable events make it challenging to prepare for what’s coming next.

So far, we’ve adapted well to these things, probably much better than older companies have. 

Plus, we’re growing a lot, both in company size and what we’re able to do for our customers. We’ve made a mark in a couple of markets, but we want to grow enough to become a thought leader of how to work in the modern supply chain. 

We want to continue to disrupt the industry, but we want to help people navigate it better as well.

Finding the Right People

If making a difference in the world and changing the status quo interests you, Zencargo is the place to work.

Candidly, investing money and technology into fixing the supply chain didn’t benefit the old players. So they didn’t do it. 

Zencargo is a disrupter, and we’re making a massive impact in freight forwarding and in our customers’ lives. Because of how vital our relationships are with our customers, you get to see the day-to-day difference we’re making. 

We’re introducing change, finding creative solutions, and improving businesses and lives. It’s dynamic, and it’s what draws us together.

If working in a fast-paced startup and having the freedom of flexibility and creativity sounds appealing, Zencargo is an excellent opportunity for you.