Bringing visibility to your supply chain: your look at the Navigate agenda

Jun 16, 2022

Supply chains are made up of multiple functions with each one contributing to the success of the other. For example, you need visibility over how your external partners are performing to know how you can reduce lead times and costs.

Without visibility, putting together multiple pieces of the supply chain puzzle can be a struggle. But when you have to tackle day-to-day tasks, all while facing disruption, visibility becomes a necessity. 

Supply chain visibility is a must

The next few months hold plenty of unknowns for your supply chain that may be beyond your control. But trying to operate in the dark, not knowing where your cargo is, waiting to hear what your suppliers are doing: those are problems you can fix.

This Navigate, our experts are joined by industry professionals to discuss how you can achieve the kind of supply chain visibility that brings your problems – and their solutions – into focus.

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Expert speakers, live workshops and networking

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The Future in Fog: What’s Next?

Rising inflation, geopolitical shocks and fears of recession. These events will all impact the world of freight over the next six months; join experts to hear the different scenarios you may need to face.

And with the world facing supply chain professionals looking uncertain, we’ll be asking: what can you do to get the basics right, and get yourself on the steadiest footing for freight excellence?

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Decision-Making with Obscure Data: The Repercussions of Poor Visibility

39% of supply chain professionals are receiving incomplete information on their shipments*. Having partial supply chain information can be damaging to a business as it can increase shipment delays and costs. 

We’re joined by Zencargo’s customers for a panel discussion to explore the difficulties they experienced when faced with a lack of visibility of their supply chain. 

*Zencargo survey of 200 supply chain professionals, 2022

Through the Lens: Achieving Success with Zencargo

How can businesses achieve accurate, real-time data especially at a time when the market is so volatile?

Zencargo’s digital platform offers accessible, real-time information on shipments, updated through the cloud to minimise the risk of human errors. Join us as we explore how our customers have managed to drive business value from their freight operations after partnering with Zencargo. 

Workshops: Taking Action to Clear the Horizon

Supply chain visibility: where do you start? Whether it’s to track business KPIs or supplier performance, you need visibility in order to provide a crystal-clear path of what you want to achieve and how to get there.

Join our workshops to gain actionable information on how you can develop your strategy to cut costs and improve container utilisation.

Freight excellence: cost-cutting

Constantly facing disruption. Keeping up with consumer demand. Increasing pressure to be sustainable. With so much to tackle all at once, how can you keep costs low?

This workshop will run through how visibility can bring light to pain points and how to overcome them to cut supply chain costs without compromising performance.

Freight excellence: container utilisation

What data and visibility do you need to determine when containers aren’t being utilised properly? How can you gather information to understand where you can cut costs and reduce carbon emissions through container utilisation?

Find out how you can increase container usage by getting a better understanding of your current situation and the visibility you need to make improvements.

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