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Apr 21, 2022

In an increasingly complicated market with changing carrier landscapes, rising consumer demand and the increasing pressure to cut emissions, supply chains need smarter solutions to be resilient.

But what are these smarter solutions and how can you incorporate them into your strategy? From satellite vehicle tracking to emissions data analytics, the right information, tools and processes can be found in advanced data platforms.

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To succeed in a complex world, businesses need new ideas, strategies and tools to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. But what tools and technology can provide you with the right data and capabilities to flourish in uncertain and problematic times?

Navigate Smarter explores how technology can be used to find smarter solutions for achieving carbon emission targets, building an agile and resilient supply chain, and much more. Zencargo experts, from our Head of Solutions Consulting to our Chief Operations Officer, will be joined by leading supply chain professionals to discuss how technology can make your supply chain your competitive advantage.

Join the conversation, reinvent the supply chain, and Navigate Smarter.

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In Conversation: Complexity in the Supply Chain

Managing your supply chain intelligently is imperative yet difficult. In fact, 95% of supply chain professionals face problems with external collaboration. From slow responses to incomplete order fulfilment, your supply chain could be disrupted by things that can be resolved with technology.

With growing complexity, you need to keep track of all of your suppliers and identify who is performing and who isn’t. But how can technology help you to achieve this?

Join this panel to learn how technology fits in, and how it can be utilised to understand, analyse and improve supplier performance and communications within logistics.

Harold Hendrickx, Director of Global Enablement and Transformation

A leader in development and delivery of business transformation, change and continuous improvements, with a track record on delivery of successful changes and programmes in different areas. Harold is the Director of Global Enablement & Transformation working for DS Smith and a consultant at TransExecutive.

Gareth Davies, Head of Global Logistics, Lenovo
After spending the beginning of his career in the logistics industry, Gareth Davies has spent the last 10 years at Lenovo, bringing his expertise in supply chain optimisation and management, as well as international logistics and operations management.

Lucie Philips, Chief Operations Officer, Zencargo

Lucie is an integral part of the Zencargo team, helping with service delivery and setting up our ops team to scale with the right technology and platform. Luci has been our Chief Operations Officer since last year, with years of experience working for companies such as Deliveroo and Culture Trip.

Complexity in the supplier base

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Supply Chain Resilience: Welcome to the Shortage Economy

When the world is facing a shortage of containers and space, how can you ensure that you still meet consumer demand, keep costs low and get goods to where they need to be on time?

Technology and strategies work hand in hand to ensure that internal and external stakeholder communication connects one end of the supply chain to the other, giving you full visibility. This visibility can be utilised to minimise disruption, lower costs and make sure that your goods get from A to B efficiently.

This session will provide you with smart strategies that can be adopted to help through:

  • Forecasting
  • Cash management
  • Enabling better flow of information

Bjorn Vang Jensen, VP Advisory Services, Global Supply Chain

A senior supply chain leader with experience in managing local, regional and global supply chains. Bjorn focuses on building and implementing supply chain strategies, working upstream from the customer’s requirements and ensuring that the right results are achieved.

Marina Lennie, Director of Ocean Planning

Following an extensive career at MSC managing process, planning and operational efficiency improvements, Marina joined Zencargo in early 2022. She specialises in line/carrier relations, freight procurement, as well as operational planning and execution.

Supply chain resilience

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Best-In-Class: Using Data to Optimise Performance

At the heart of visibility and informed decision making is data. With data, you can see that your supply chain is performing how it should be, identify problems quickly and react to disruption efficiently. To access end-to-end visibility and advanced data capabilities, you first need to establish how you can surface usable data that is reliable, trustworthy and relevant.

This Navigate session will establish how you can uncover accurate and usable data. For example, advanced tools such as project44 are integrated into the Zencargo platform to offer real-time road transportation data, enhancing decision making and visibility.

Michel Stekenlenburg, Director Strategic Accounts EMEA, project 44

Michel is the Director Strategic Accounts at project44, global market leader in the Real-time Transportation Visibility domain, supporting large enterprise organisations in their digital transformation journey through optimised control & visibility on their end-to-end logistics processes.

Keith Dupres, Head of B2B Operations, Farfetch

Keith has over 20 years of experience in supply chains and logistics, working for some of the leading beauty and retail brands. Keith is now the Head of B2B operations for Farfetch, working with Zencargo to create a data-driven, resilient and agile supply chain.

Tim Ball, VP of Product Management, Zencargo

Tim is our VP of Product Management and leads the improvement of our software platform, giving our customers more visibility and reliability. Tim is constantly problem-solving for our customers by identifying tools that can be implemented in our platform to aid customers in achieving supply chain success.

Best in class

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Saving the Planet, Smarter

There is a growing need and pressure to become more sustainable. When you need to meet consumer demand and face market disruption, all while cutting emissions, technology can make it easier to act efficiently. But how can you be more sustainable when you don’t have the data to highlight carbon emissions?

Zencargo has integrated technology into our platform to offer visibility over carbon emissions, allowing customers to make better, more sustainable choices, without impacting business goals.

Join this panel to hear how integrating CO2 data into logistics planning can help deliver a carbon-neutral supply chain.

David de Picciotto, CEO,

David is the co-founder & CEO of climate tech Before Pledge, David worked for Partners Group, a private equity firm, where he was a growth equity investor. Prior to this, David was at Revolut, the UK FinTech where he led International Expansion. He holds a BA from the University of St. Gallen and Columbia University, and an MSc from Imperial College London.

Greg Bamford, Head of Logistics and Customer Fulfilment, Vivobarefoot

Greg has over 20 years of experience in logistics working with major retailers such as John Lewis and Amazon. Greg now leads the logistics and customer fulfilment department at Vivobarefoot, establishing smarter solutions for a more successful supply chain.

Ian Powell, Head of Solutions Consulting, Zencargo

Ian has worked with supply chains for over 20 years, and is now Head of Solutions Consulting at Zencargo. At Zencargo, Ian works with prospective customers to intrinsically understand their supply chains, identify areas of opportunity and build Zencargo solutions that deliver value. He also works closely with existing customers and leverages Zencargo data to identify areas of opportunity to drive out supply chain inefficiency, optimise cost and supply chain performance.

Saving the planet

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Building for a Smarter Supply Chain

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change, and old, outdated technologies are no longer efficient, effective or reliable. Supply chains need a technology infrastructure that can handle growing numbers of stakeholders, keep up with demand and change, and produce clarity from confusion.

But what does smarter look like? What technologies are needed for a more resilient supply chain? And how can we make smarter decisions in a constantly changing environment?

This session will uncover the technologies needed to be more efficient from a logistics perspective.

Priscilla Parrish, Head of Logistics, Velocity Commerce

With a focus on international trade, B2C, B2B, and Amazon, Priscilla is extensively experienced in increasing efficiencies and cutting costs in retail supply chains by managing 3PL partners across the globe using data-driven solutions.

Tamir Strauss, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Zencargo

After many years working in tech, Tamir Strauss joined Zencargo to help solve the enormous problems plaguing the supply chain industry. Tamir thrives on solving problems and finding technology solutions, enhancing our platform even more.

Smarter solutions

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