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October's product webinar: Move as fast as the market: agile supply chain in action

30 minutes

Thursday 27th October, 2pm BST/3pm CET

Join us on our product webinar as we show you how you can align each stage of your logistics flow with live data to enable:

  • - Better planning and control
  • - Risk mitigation
  • - Optimisation of freight buying

By joining our product webinar you will find out how:

  • - Businesses have used the Zencargo platform to gain unrivalled control over their supply chain
  • - Teams are making better decisions and quicker responses to change
  • - You can connect multiple data sources to get a holistic view of your supply chain
  • - Businesses can make manual tracking a thing of the past, and enable teams with live data to align supply, demand and warehousing

      Save your space if you want to gain better control and visibility over the movement of goods and to make better business decisions with optimised data.

      Hosted by

      James Fry

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