Zencargo Update on the impact of Typhoon Mangkhut (South China)

As you will have read in the news, on Sunday the South of China suffered from its worst Typhoon in decades. The Category 5 Typhoon brought about extreme weather (high winds and stormy seas), causing significant disruption to the Hong Kong and Shenzen area.

The extreme weather caused cancellations to Sunday’s sailing schedule, with both Air and Ocean ports in Hong Kong and Shenzen being closed. However, we understand that as of 12pm today both are back up and running at full capability.

We are working with our Partners to establish the impact of Sunday’s cancellation on current bookings. We have been advised that the shipping lines will be accelerating their schedules to prevent delays.

All affected customers will be contacted to provide an update on the latest status of shipments and expected impact.

If you have any further questions please contact your Zencargo account manager.