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Grow revenue, loyalty and reputation through your supply chain

Every sale matters. Supply Chain as a Service helps you prioritise and deliver the right products at the right time to maximise customer service and full price sales.

Create a Customer-Focused Supply Chain

Choice and availability are the foundation of a strong customer experience. Whether you want to avoid stock outs, launch new products or build your brand reputation, we help you get there.

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Grow profit 6% by reducing stock outs and increasing full-price sales

Discover how you can use your supply chain to transform your business

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Supply & Demand, Connected

Supply Planning by Zencargo ensures that you are always in sync with your supply. We work directly with your suppliers to manage every product journey from order to arrival. With full SKU visibility you can track, manage and prioritise products to react to demand and avoid stockouts.

Easily compare planned intake with actual goods-in-motion at a SKU level

Catch potential stock shortfalls earlier and solve via expediting or new orders

Make orders based on accurate, data-driven lead times

Lead Time Reduction

Fast, Accurate Lead Times

Eliminate delays and hold suppliers to account with centralised performance data across your whole supply chain. We show your true lead time for each product, so you can choose the right manufacturer, mode and route to get the stock you need, when you need it.

Supply Chain Agility

Adapt to Demand in Real Time

Track inbound stock at a glance with our live Intake Planning view. With enhanced visibility, you can adapt quickly to avoid stock outs and maximise customer loyalty. Our operations team work with you to optimise your routes and modes to ensure on-time arrival for your hottest SKUs and a seamless purchasing experience.

Supplier Management

Build a Reliable Supplier Network

Take control of your supplier network with end-to-end purchase order transparency. Our platform enables you to hold manufacturers to account, driving improvements in quality, service levels and OTIF performance based on accurate, real-time insights.

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Saving time and money

"Zencargo have helped us to integrate logistics information throughout the business. Knowing exactly when our products are arriving means we can maximise the stock availability for sale."

Gregory Bamford
Head of Logistics, Vivobarefoot

How Swoon improved lead time transparency to drive revenue and customer service

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