Increase Margin

Increase your operating margin with complete cost control

Supply chain performance can make or break your product margin. Supply Chain as a Service helps you scale your efficiency with accurate performance insights, transparent rates and network optimisation.

End-to-End Landed Cost Optimisation

Take control of your complete landed cost with reliable SKU-level data to accurately track, attribute and reduce supply chain spend. Our smart analytics help you find efficiencies, manage suppliers and optimise team performance to grow your margins without sacrificing product availability.

Data-Driven Savings

Flexible, Real-Time Consolidation

Unlock new consolidation opportunities based on live supply chain insights. Our team uses predictive analytics to compare SKU volumes and arrivals data from your network to reduce your freight costs while maximising your product availability.

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Zencargo reduces freight costs by 6% on average

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Supplier Management

Create a Data-Driven Procurement Strategy

Maximise margins with reliable ordering and high-performing manufacturers. Our platform measures your true supplier performance to help you avoid unnecessary express freight, D&D and customs charges and guarantee availability.

An Intelligent Approach to Air Freight
Targeted Express Shipping

An Intelligent Approach to Air Freight

Our Intelligent Air Service ensures you only express freight the products you need to. Track priority SKUs, catch shortfalls early and expedite efficiently to optimise stock coverage while managing costs.

Network Optimisation

Enhance Your Network Efficiency

Our supply chain experts help you choose the right ports and routes to maximise your efficiency. With predictive scenario planning, we create the most efficient possible network configuration to minimise fees and charges while enhancing efficiency and availability.

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Saving time and money

"Working with Zencargo has directly increased our product margin. Their insightful advice has helped us continuously optimise and execute cost savings across our network."

Dom Moulding
Logistics Manager, Swoon

How Swoon improved lead time transparency to drive revenue and customer service

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