Release Working Capital

Optimise Your Order Pattern and Cash Flow

Order smarter and balance inventory with a transparent, reliable supply chain, buying and moving just the products you need.

Move the Products That Matter

Tying up cash in surplus inventory slows your growth and limits your ability to react to changes in demand. Zencargo helps you order and move just the products you need where you need them to meet demand efficiently.

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Reduce your working capital by 15%

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Lead Time Reduction

Accelerate Your Ordering and Cash Cycle

Manage your inventory with confidence, placing smaller more frequent orders based on short, reliable lead times. Our team optimises your routes and supplier processes to reduce risk, improve efficiency and accelerate your cash cycle.

Track Availability in Real Time
Supply Chain Inventory Management

Track Availability in Real Time

Intake Planning tracks your planned, inbound and in-production SKUs so you can balance stock levels across global markets. Make data-backed replenishment decisions and divert goods in transit to manage capital efficiently while avoiding stock outs.

Supplier Stock Visibility

Order Volumes You Can Rely On

Track planned intake against inbound cargo on our platform to manage long term inventory and supplier performance. Our platform provides historic on-time in-full reports so you can make smart volume decisions, ensuring you only hold the stock you need.

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How can your supply chain help you reach your goals?

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Saving time and money

"The Zencargo team are a key ingredient for our growth. With their hands-on support we easily ship complex consignments across four continents."

Arjun Gadkari
Managing Director, UK, Nilgai Foods

How Swoon improved lead time transparency to drive revenue and customer service

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