Supply Chain Agility

Adapt & Evolve Your Supply Chain On The Go

In a competitive, evolving business landscape, your supply chain needs to be ready to react. Zencargo gives you the tools to balance competing priorities in real-time while controlling your costs and timeliness.

The Power of the Agile Supply Chain

Your supply chain controls your ability to take advantage of new market conditions, avoid sudden risks and meet changes in demand. We ensure you never miss an opportunity by helping your team make decisions fast and implement them efficiently, without driving up costs or lead times.

Switch modes, routes and suppliers in real-time

Catch issues early and collaborate faster to mitigate impact

Quickly re-prioritise products to meet demand effectively

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Balance costs and revenue in real-time

Discover the impact of an agile supply chain on your business.

Our platform
Efficient Communication

Unlock Instant Decision-Making

Balance competing business priorities and make decisions faster with our live platform. By linking manufacturers, warehousing and logistics data, you can flag, validate and act on issues quickly and effectively.

Flexible Order Management

The Visibility To Solve Issues Earlier

Intake Planning gives you full SKU transparency from production to delivery to catch issues earlier and de-risk your supply chain. With advance warning of potential shortfalls you can make the right decisions to avoid disruption and keep cargo moving.

Data-Powered Freight

Your Flexible Global Execution Partner

Our global freight management team combines strong carrier relationships with regional implementation expertise. Whether you need to integrate new suppliers, adjust destinations or split orders we ensure the right products arrive on time, without driving up costs.

Lead Time Reduction

Accelerate Your Product Launches

We deliver short, reliable lead times to help you launch, test and iterate new products quickly and efficiently so you can be the first to market and building customer momentum.

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Saving time and money

"Zencargo have helped us to integrate logistics information throughout the business. Knowing exactly when our products are arriving means we can maximise the stock availability for sale."

Gregory Bamford
Head of Logistics, Vivobarefoot

How Swoon improved lead time transparency to drive revenue and customer service

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