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A sustainable supply chain opens up significant opportunities for growth and innovation. Supply Chain as a Service helps you take control of your emissions and build a better future for the planet and your bottom line.

Prioritise Responsible Business Growth Strategies

Take control of your sustainability with accurate, actionable tools and data from Zencargo. We help you shine a light on your carbon footprint so you can reduce and offset your emissions, while enabling optimal supply chain performance.

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Zencargo reduces carbon output 15%

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Track And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Emissions Visibility

Track And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Increase your accountability with SKU-level emissions data across every trade lane, supplier and product, including air, road and ocean comparison. By consolidating shipments, reducing dwell and optimising low-carbon routes, we help you reduce emissions and increase performance.

Ecological Express Services

Targeted Sustainable Air Freight

Our Intelligent Air Service reduces your carbon footprint, strategically implementing express freight only when necessary. Intake Planning by Zencargo automatically tracks priority SKUs to catch shortfalls early and expedite stock efficiently, maximising stock coverage while reducing emissions.

Reliable Carbon Offsetting

Reliable Offsetting To Go Carbon Neutral

We make carbon neutral a reality for your business. For those emissions we can’t eliminate, we work with United Nations approved programmes to offset up to 100% of your supply chain’s carbon footprint.

Supplier Impact

Environmental Accountability Across Suppliers

Inefficient suppliers drive up emissions through unnecessary airfreight and delays. Our exception reporting tools give you the data to identify which manufacturers are increasing your carbon footprint and hold them to account.

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"Zencargo have helped us to integrate logistics information throughout the business. Knowing exactly when our products are arriving means we can maximise the stock availability for sale."

Gregory Bamford
Head of Logistics, Vivobarefoot

How Swoon improved lead time transparency to drive revenue and customer service

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