Episode 22: Driving better supply chain outcomes with Zencargo’s customer success team

Sep 28, 2022

What should your freight forwarder do to help you achieve your business objectives?

That’s the conversation we’re having with Zach White, our VP of Customer Success as he gives us his insights on what an effective Customer Success Team looks like in the freight forwarding space.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Why your forwarder relationship needs to be more than transactional and how to get there
  • How Zencargo’s Customer Success Team works to build bespoke plans for customers
  • How working with a digital freight forwarder can help you approach supply chains in a strategic way
  • Zach White, VP of Customer Success
    Zach White brings 10 years of SaaS customer success experience to supply chain, having worked as a Customer Success Lead at Forester and building customer support, implementation and customer success at Cognism.