Ocean freight

A global network powered by expert procurement and carrier connections,
to deliver reliable ocean capacity and innovative solutions

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Reliable rates
and service

We work with leading carriers to guarantee you value on speed, cost and routing.

Enjoy preferential access to rates, capacity and equipment, anywhere in the world.

Expert advice and tailored solutions

Our procurement team are always on hand with proactive advice. We help you adapt your strategies in line with changing market conditions and commercial goals to keep you on course.

We offer a range of price validities as well as fixed and floating pricing options, and service level guarantees depending on your requirements.

ocean visibility

Manage your ocean shipments with live tracking from order to delivery.

Use SKU-level container analysis, live ETAs and exception tracking to prioritise products and avoid stockouts.

Seamless collaboration, anywhere

Connect your teams, manufacturers and partners with our live platform.

Prevent risks to your ocean freight and streamline execution with simple communication and collaboration.

Our experts

“We’re helping our customers stay ahead of ocean disruption with real-time tracking and reliable lead time data from port-to-port.”

Anne-Sophie Fribourg
VP of Global Ocean Freight, Zencargo

Our services

Full Container Load (FCL)

Access our extensive network of carriers with preferred space agreements and flexible capacity.

Optimise for cost, lead time and service reliability on all key trade-lanes across dry and refrigerated full-container services.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Access empty space in our weekly container departures on all major shipping lanes. Choose from a direct and in-direct LCL service options depending on your lead times.

Ensure your specific needs are met with additional requirements from dangerous goods to non-stackable cargo.

Buyer’s consolidation

Consolidate across multiple suppliers from the same region with our integrated container freight station (CFS) solutions in all key loading ports.

Leverage the Zencargo platform to plan smaller shipments into consolidated full containers, minimising supply chain costs. Digitise your consolidation processes on the platform to automate load planning and approval processes.

Sustainable deliveries & collections

Leverage our connected fleet of container hauliers at all key ports and terminals with access to trucking capacity with the latest emission standards.

Use intermodal barge and rail connections to optimise routing and reduce carbon emissions.