Zencargo Platform

Advanced Supply Chain Intelligence

Connect your key stakeholders and get more done with our cloud platform. With real-time analytics, visibility and collaboration tools, we help you turn insights into action fast.

Smart Supply Chain Management

Transform how you plan, execute and improve your supply chain with powerful analytics and visibility over every step of your product journey.

Efficient, Effective Collaboration

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, emails and chasing. Zencargo shares key insights across your business, connecting stakeholders to help you make the right decisions, together.

SKU-Level Agility

Catch exceptions before they become problems with live tracking of every SKU from order to delivery.

Action-Focused Analytics

Track product and supplier performance to eliminate inefficiencies and drive long-term process improvements.

Track your cargo, build carrier relationships and combat disruption with our experts

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Connect Your Teams

Zencargo brings live supply chain insights into the heart of your business. With targeted updates, you can connect your teams, align your decision-making and move your business forward together.


Stay in control every step of the way with live SKU visibility. Catch exceptions early with live updates to ensure that your cargo always arrives on time.


Effectively manage supply to keep up with changes in demand. Zencargo Intake Planning monitors all of your inbound inventory so you can adapt quickly and avoid stockouts.


Unlock more powerful reporting with the information you need to instantly calculate inventory, landed cost and ROI to maximise business profitability.

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What’s holding your supply chain back?

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Value Through Data

Optimise Your Intake Planning

Stay ahead of demand with our Intake Planning platform. With live visibility of your planned, inbound and in-production SKUs your commercial team can catch potential shortfalls earlier and eliminate stock outs before they ever happen.

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"Working with Zencargo has directly increased our product margin. Their insightful advice has helped us continuously optimise and execute cost savings across our network."
Dom Moulding, Logistics Manager, Swoon
All Features

Tools that move your business forward

Every feature in Zencargo is designed to save you time, so you can spend less time chasing information and more time helping your supply chain run smoothly.

Purchase Order Management

Track supplier performance with full order visibility from manufacture to delivery.

Intake Planning

Track inbound SKUs across locations, orders and suppliers to optimise inventory levels.

Delay Notifications

Find and solve issues instantly with proactive notifications.

SKU-Level Visibility

Track your network performance by SKU to monitor stock levels throughout the supply chain.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Connect your stakeholders in one place with all relevant data and context.

Network Management

Manage the details of your team, network and offices on one platform.

Emissions Tracking

Make better sustainability decisions with full clarity over your emissions.

Document Management

Never lose another document, with all your essential items stored online.