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Sustainability in Supply Chain

Sustainability isn’t easy, especially in an industry as complex as supply chain. But that doesn’t mean we should sweep it under the rug and with recent regulatory and procedural changes it isn’t something which is going away.

The supply chain industry is constantly evolving and sustainability will have a profound impact in the coming years. With the introduction of the new IMO regulations, carriers ordering new dual-fuel ships and ports looking to operate green corridors, sustainability efforts are transforming the industry as we know it. So where does this leave shippers?

Platform capabilities

At Zencargo our mission is to create a world with smarter trade. That also means a world with more sustainable trade. To achieve this goal we partnered up with Pledge, the carbon measurement and removal API-oriented platform, to integrate emissions tracking into our platform. This capability allows shippers to:

Track historical data

Track data of every shipment with Zencargo

Optimise supply chain emissions

Driven by data insights for routing changes, consolidation programs, reducing dwell time

Offset emissions

Choose an offset option which aligns with your business values

Offsetting options

Working with Pledge, and harnessing this emissions data we are able to create a benchmark of an organisation’s CO2 emissions, track where emissions are falling across trade lanes and transport modes, suggest methods of optimisation to reduce emissions and provide offsetting options which align with your businesses goals and culture.

Strategic sustainability partnerships

At Zencargo, we offer bespoke solutions to our customers, strengthening our position as a trusted strategic partner. We’re dedicated not only to move shipments from A to B, but also to align with our customers on their broader organisational goals.

Vivobarefoot case study

Vivobarefoot, a UK based footwear company has been working with Zencargo since 2019, leveraging the platforms C02 tracking capabilities, powered by Pledge, to support them in achieving their sustainability goals.

A certified B-Corp, it was critical for Vivobarefoot to understand the environmental impact of their supply chain in order to define tangible action to reduce their CO2 emissions. To hear more details on Zencargo and Vivobarefoots partnership you can listen to our podcast episode ‘Ethical resilience – Sustainability as a competitive edge‘.

Through the Zencargo platform, Vivobarefoot was able to:


Not only was the platform able to provide accurate emissions data to inform Vivobarefoot’s stage 2 environmental strategy but also reduced the manual work required beforehand in order to track emissions. The data provided to Vivobarefoot through the Zencargo platform created a firm foundation from which reduction and offsetting strategies can be defined and actioned.

““To have over 90% reporting coverage of our scope 3 emissions in the inbound supply chain is amazing. We want to further work collaboratively with Zencargo on reduction strategies to achieve absolute reduction targets”.”

Charlotte Pumford (Head of Sustainability at Vivobarefoot)

Roadmap for smarter, more sustainable trade

Currently our platform has impressive capabilities to track, optimise and offset supply chain emissions, however as we continue on our journey to a world with smarter and more sustainable trade, we are looking to further develop and expand the platform’s capabilities so that the aggregate data can automatically provide optimisation strategies bespoke to shippers own circumstances and needs. Although sustainability in the supply chain industry is difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

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