Episode 33:
Solving the black box in supply chain with real-time visibility

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“In the past, it would cost tens of dollars per megabyte. And now it’s in cents, a few cents per megabyte, depending on the country and location that you’re in. And that connectivity cost is going down, creating more of a global structure around being able to connect.”

Tune into another episode of Freight to the Point as Alex Hersham is joined by Krenar Komoni, CEO and Founder of Tive, a visibility solutions provider delivering critical shipment location and condition data via its real-time, best-in-class sensors. They talk about real-time visibility, how it has evolved over the years, why it’s important now and how it can help businesses stay competitive.

Listen if you want to hear more about:

  • How real-time visibility has evolved over the last 10 years
  • The value real-time visibility can bring
  • Krenar’s vision for real-time visibility in the future

Krenar Komoni
Krenar Komoni has developed breakthrough ideas in data analytics, logistics, and electronics design for nearly 20 years. Most recently, Krenar founded the global supply chain visibility company, Tive, and serves in the CEO role. Tive is a cloud-based platform that uses IoT sensors to capture critical real-time shipment sensor data as products are shipped worldwide. Krenar embodies the leadership, management, and vision necessary to deliver market innovation, drive growth, and unlock hidden potential.