Episode 36:
What are the lessons we’ve learnt from the last CDS migration deadline?

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In September 2022, shippers were required to migrate from CHIEF to the Customs Declarations Service (CDS) and declare their imports on the new system.

We’re now 4 months past the deadline and importers are still struggling to migrate. HMRC have also extended the deadline to declare exports through CDS from March 2023 to November 2023 to ‘spend more time working with the industry in delivering and testing critical functionality’ and to ‘help declarants move across to the new system’.

For this episode, who better to join us than Lorenzo Rossetti, Director Trade & Customs at KPMG. With nearly 40 years of experience in customs under his belt, Lorenzo is a thought leader in the customs space, providing businesses invaluable insights on how to navigate the industry.

Tune in as we’ll be talking about:

  • What are the challenges businesses have faced with the migration
  • What shippers need to do to be compliant with CDS
  • What are the lessons we’ve learnt from the first CDS migration

Lorenzo Rossetti
Lorenzo is the Director Trade & Customs at KPMG UK. With nearly 40 years experience, Lorenzo is a leading expert and thought leader in the customs space with proficient knowledge on legislations, policies, day-to-day operations and customs software.