Understanding the ‘why’ behind delays with our platform

Jan 25, 2022
Digital World

Delays can be unavoidable. But understanding why they happen and pinpointing bottlenecks can help you to hold the players in your supply chain accountable and manage internal expectations. Here’s how the Zencargo platform can help you understand exactly what’s going on whenever delays do occur, and recover from them quicker.

Our platform helps you to stay on track

Port congestion and unexpected disruption can leave your supply chain vulnerable to delays. However, with our platform, you can keep all of your information in one place so that you can track route progress timelines without having to scroll through emails and excel sheets. This allows you to identify problem areas with your supply chain and the root cause for delays.

To help improve productivity, visibility and collaboration for a more agile supply chain and reduce delays, the Zencargo platform includes the following features:

  • Get notifications in the activity feed to stay in the loop when delays occur
  • Get your suppliers to update milestones with the reason for delays
  • Timestamps allow you to check that your road collections and deliveries are on time down to the minute

Avoid delays at origin with approval to ship

Enhancing your visibility and collaboration not only helps you to understand why your shipment is delayed, but also helps to minimise it. Our approval to ship feature helps to avoid delays at origin by asking suppliers to request that shipment be booked. Over half of bookings made on our platform use approval to ship, improving visibility and collaboration to manage bookings. The clear and easy to use hierarchical approval process allows you to check and revise booking requests for better supplier collaboration.

The approval feature of our platform also allows you to quickly identify opportunities earlier in the booking process to reduce delays. You can gain greater control over PO fulfilment and shipments with the approval to ship feature, giving you better control over your supply chain. Once suppliers have requested a booking, you can then use the two-stage approval process to check booking requests and documentation.

Get better data quality and work faster

Better data gives you the opportunity to analyse your supply chain to make improvements, problem solve and better understand the reason behind delays. We’ve made it easier than ever to find this data with our improved side navigation bar, allowing you to get to where you want on the platform.

  • Time zones help to enhance transit time operations and reporting
  • Close partially fulfilled POs via the dashboard to improve visibility and declutter workflows
  • View information quickly by customising your shipments table
  • Get key information at a prompt at the top of any shipment
    • What’s in store for our platform?

      Our experts dedicate time to improving your experience and helping you to understand why shipments are delayed and how you can prevent slowdowns. To enhance visibility and improve your supply chain operations, we want to take it one step further by offering real-time updates for ocean and road, helping you to mitigate stockouts, secure haulage space for port collection and plan warehouse delivery. Keep an eye out for more information about this update and more platform news coming soon!

      Zencargo wants to empower you to make the right decisions and turn your supply chain into your competitive advantage. To find out more about our platform and improve your supply chain visibility, speak with our experts today.