What’s the latest on global schedule reliability?

According to the latest Global Liner Performance report by Sea Intelligence, global schedule reliability declined by 0.9% month-on-month to 63.2%.

Apart from the increase in May, schedule reliability has been ranging within 2% since March 2023. On a year-on year level, schedule reliability was 17% higher compared to August 2022. 

The average delay of vessel arrivals increased by 0.07 days month-on-month to 4.67 days. However, the average delay for late vessel arrivals is 1.23 days better off than August 2022. 

In terms of carrier schedule reliability, on a year-on-level, all top 14 carriers recorded double digit improvements, with MSC recording the largest improvement of 26.8%.



Central China to USA and Europe 

  • From SHA to Europe and the US, rates have increased this week. 
    • The market is busy after the Golden Week holiday. 
    • From SHA to the US, more bookings are available for destinations to ORD, JFK and LAX after Golden Week. 
  • From NGB to Europe and the US, rates remain the same.
    • The final rate is offered on a case-by-case basis.

North China to USA and Europe:

  • From TSN to Europe and the US, rates have increased for Korean Airlines to both destinations. 
    • Rates for Asiana flights have also  increased on these lanes. 
  • From PEK to Europe and the US, hot weather is currently causing loading issues. 
    • Major services from PEK to Europe include: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Air China, KLM, Air France, Japan Airlines.
    • Major services from PEK to the US include: Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Eva Air. 
    • Rates are currently at a lower level. 
  • From TAO to Europe and the US, space is not tight this week. 
    • Rates will need to be checked on a case-by-case basis. 


South China to USA and Europe:

  • From CAN to Europe and the US, rates have decreased compared to last week. 
    • As it is peak season now, rates will increase quite soon. 
    • All shipments will need to be checked with the carrier for rates on a case-by-case basis.
  • From SZX to Europe and the US, rates are stable this week. 
    • All shipments will need to be checked with the carrier for rates on a case-by-case basis.
  • From XMN to Europe, the market is almost the same compared to the period during Golden Week. 


  • Many small shippers in the US faced misapplied Demurrage and Detention (D&D) charges during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) can not assist if charges were imposed before the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) implementation in June 2022.
    • The process of filing a complaint before OSRA was costly and could take over a year to yield results, leaving small shippers with limited options.
    • Even small charges from multiple shipping lines could accumulate into significant amounts for shippers.
    • An investigation by FMC commissioner Rebecca Dye led to the introduction of a more efficient dispute resolution system, but it only applied after the OSRA 2022 enactment.
    • The decision not to allow retroactive filing of charge complaints before OSRA 2022 has left shippers frustrated according to news sources. 


  • Asia-North Europe carriers announced new headhaul FAK rates for November, doubling current spot market rates.
    • Carriers such as Hapag-Lloyd and CMA CGM have announced hikes in rates starting 1st November. 
    • Despite these announcements, Asia-Europe spot rates continue to fall. 
    • Rates are also decreasing on the Asia- Mediterranean lane. 
    • Although more blank sailings have been announced by carriers on both sides of Golden Week, this has not been enough to stem the decline in rates on the Asia – North Europe route. 
    • The speed of rate decline has been severe as spot indices have lost 10% of their value every week since September. 


  • December throughput at North Europe’s container ports will see a significant decline due to carriers implementing blanking programs during the Golden Week holiday.
    • Terminal operators may face even tougher times ahead as carriers consider further capacity cuts to support substantial FAK rate hikes starting on November 1.
    • Drewry’s analysis shows that ocean carriers will blank 67 major trade lane sailings over the next five weeks to balance demand and supply. 
    • The Ocean Alliance has been the most aggressive with capacity management, cancelling 23 sailings, followed by THE Alliance with 15 blank sailings and the 2M Alliance with seven.
    • A majority (52%) of blank sailings will affect transpacific eastbound loops, while the Asia-Europe trade lane accounts for only 37%.
    • Several North European container hubs have seen yard utilisation levels drop to 50% or 60%, and further capacity cuts by carriers could prolong lean times for the box port industry.


  • After the implementation of the Windsor Framework, hauliers are experiencing delays delivering goods into Northern Ireland from Great Britain. 
    • The Framework aims to create a smooth flow of goods between Great Britain and North Ireland via a two-lane system. It is designed to involve minimal paperwork and no border checks for businesses trading in the UK internal market. 
    • However, hauliers have experienced delays in the first week of implementation due to errors made by their customers. 
    • Issues with paperwork has ultimately affected hauliers, causing delays and associated costs.

European Bank Holidays

We anticipate a shortage of availability and the occurrence of delays around the bank holiday periods. Plan ahead and allow extra time for your products to be delivered.

Oct 9 – Spain*

Oct 10 – Austria*

Oct 12 – Spain

Oct 23 – Hungary

Oct 26 – Austria

Oct 28 – Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece

Oct 30 – Ireland (Eire)

Oct 31 – Germany*, Slovenia

Nov 1 – Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany*, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

Nov 2 – Belgium*, Lithuania

Nov 4 – Finland, Sweden

Nov 9 – Spain*

Nov 11 – Austria*, Belgium, France, Poland

Nov 15 – Austria*, Belgium*

Nov 17 Friday Czech Republic, Slovakia

Nov 18 – Croatia, Latvia

Nov 20 – Latvia

Nov 22 – Germany*

Nov 30 – Romania

*Not in all regions

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