Zencargo Platform

Enhance visibility and agility with our supply chain platform

Connect key stakeholders, unlock the full picture of your supply chain
and gain real-time insights and act fast with reliable analysis.

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A digital platform for smarter solutions

The Zencargo platform provides you with tools to adapt to a changing market while keeping costs low and delays at a minimum. Connect your teams with collaboration tools, interpret data and make decisions: all on one central platform.

Build an effective and efficient supply chain

Bring clarity to an abundance of information and improve your supply chain
operations to cut costs, lead times and carbon emissions.

Collaborative tools

Reduce email traffic, move away from spreadsheets and share insights with stakeholders.

SKU-level agility

Catch exceptions early through live tracking of every product, from order creation to delivery.

Performance analytics

Track product and supplier performance through analytics that drive long-term improvements.

Track cargo, monitor progress and combat disruption

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Save time and spend
less on your
supply chain

Make quick, effective decisions without impacting performance with the Zencargo platform:

  • Purchase order management
  • Intake planning
  • Delay notifications
  • Network management
  • Emissions tracking
  • Document management
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Track sustainability progress with carbon emission data

Understand where you can reduce and offset your carbon footprint without compromising your supply chain performance or increasing costs. Through advanced data, you can make informed decisions to build a more sustainable future for your business and customers.

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What’s holding your supply chain back?

Use our diagnostic tool to discover how your supply chain performs against your peers.

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Integrate systems for a better picture

Warehouse management systems, eCommerce platforms, ERP systems and demand planning software can be integrated into the Zencargo platform. This gives you a better view of your supply chain and stock coverage, offers transparency to your customers and improves collaboration with teams.

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