We are excited to welcome supply chain expert and industry leader Anne-Sophie Fribourg to Zencargo. Anne-Sophie will be joining the ocean team as VP of Ocean Procurement, bringing her international experience and expertise to help offer customers robust and efficient solutions.

“Zencargo’s vision in building a world with smarter trade is supported by our people’s talent and experience. Anne-Sophie has years of experience in global ocean procurement, and we could not be more thrilled to have her join the team. She will bring new solutions, knowledge and relationships to Zencargo, working with an enthusiastic procurement team to accelerate our growth.”

Alex Hersham, CEO and Co-founder

Building effective transport plans

Anne-Sophie has over 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, having worked in Singapore, the Middle East region and France for a French freight forwarder. Her international experience brings knowledge and expertise in cultures, trends and the market.

Having been responsible for global accounts and working with worldwide procurement teams on more than 30 trades and routes, Anne-Sophie will be introducing her worldwide network to the team.

“What I have learnt from my global experience is that agility, resilience and solid partnerships are key to building up performant transport plans. My experience with upwards and downwards market cycles combined with Zencargo’s innovative digital approach will bring significant value to our customers and help them build a resilient supply chain.”
Anne-Sophie Fribourg, VP of Ocean Procurement
As well as her experience in freight forwarding, Anne-Sophie is president of the Maritime Commission within the French Freight Forwarding Association, and a member of CLECAT. She deals with public organisations to promote the freight forwarding industry and raise the voice of freight forwarders.

As part of her presidency and membership, Anne-Sophie interacts with public institutions on market issues. For example, when rates started to reach unprecedented levels, Anne-Sophie was involved in discussions with the government to represent freight forwarders.

Developing ocean freight activity

Anne-Sophie has joined the team to build on Zencargo’s ambition of a world with smarter trade. She will be helping to set up new processes and bring her skills, knowledge and expertise to the team. She will also be contributing to Zencargo’s carbon emission solutions, helping customers to establish their carbon footprint and meet emission targets.

“I strongly believe in Zencargo’s digital approach which will drive visibility in a complex and uncertain environment. It will also help to optimise our customer’s supply chain processes with continuous improvement. I am also excited to be working with the team on their commitment to proactively delivering carbon neutral solutions to customers.”
Anne-Sophie Fribourg, VP of Ocean Procurement
With high-level key stakeholder relationships across the globe and years of experience in international freight forwarding, we are excited to have Anne-Sophie build our customer’s supply chain resilience and agility.