That’s how much potentially valuable data is lost into thin air, every time you move your freight with a traditional freight forwarder.

How can a Logistics Manager or Supply Chain Manager be expected to optimise when they are only left with 3% of their data? They are forced to pull as much data together as they can into spreadsheets, but unfortunately there’s still a significant amount of lost data.

This is one of the many revolutions that a digital-first freight forwarder is bringing to the industry.

With a digital-first freight forwarder, every imaginable piece of data stored, processed and presented to you in a customisable, user friendly way. Moreover, custom built artificial intelligence is used to analyse your supply chain and present you with optimisation suggestions, which could help you shave down your logistics spend and increase the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

Here are a few typical benefits that the first wave of customers are benefiting from:

  1. Insight into your logistics spend by SKU or commodity code
  2. Deep dive into your freight spending patterns
  3. Tools to help you optimise your overall freight spend
  4. Full access to customisable reports for you and your team, 24/7
  5. Sales analysis for exporters and sourcing analysis for importers
  6. Fully landed cost analysis and many more

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