It’s 2023 and a global recession looms, driven by inflation, geopolitical instability and rising energy costs. 

This has led to overstocking, volatile rates and increasing blank sailings. 

Supply chains are not getting easier and we understand. 

To address the challenges of 2023, we hosted Navigate, the virtual summit for supply chain professionals to explore how you should be rethinking your supply chain strategies for the year ahead. 

2023: What’s next for consumer demand this year?

In this session we explore predictions for consumer demand for 2023, how it will impact container volumes and the likely changes to both shipper and carrier behavior.

Being left behind? Why change is easier than firefighting with legacy systems

During times of economic uncertainty, it is understandable that businesses are more risk adverse. However in this session, using the real world example of Velocity Commerce, we explore how transitioning to new digital systems can equip supply chains with the tools necessary to weather economic headwinds.

Don’t forget about sustainability. It’s not going away.

Sustainability can often be overlooked when budgets are tight, but its important to remember, not only the environmental benefits it brings but also the increased efficiencies it can drive. This session analyses the sustainability journey of Vivobarefoot and it impacts on their value chain.