A collaboration involving manufacturer and retailer, Swoon, and digital freight forwarder, Zencargo, has received the Supply Chain Visibility Award at the 2021 Supply Chain Excellence Awards. 

The award recognises projects that have demonstrated excellence in visibility throughout the supply chain. This includes improving order processing, inventory, delivery, and mitigating potential supply chain disruptions. Judged by a panel of 33 experts, Swoon and Zencargo’s project was recognised as a ‘benchmark for collaboration on supply chain transparency.’

Swoon wanted to adopt a new approach to their supply chains by releasing new ranges in small quantities and moving successful items to large-scale production as opposed to bulk-buying to store and selling throughout the year. This was to cut down on storage costs for excess inventory and to achieve this, it was essential to have detailed SKU visibility. 

Zencargo, as Swoon’s supply chain partner, helped the retailer to progressively optimise its supply chain by creating end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. The collaboration involved centralising data, stakeholders, manufacturers and documentation on a single platform tailored to Swoon’s needs and business model. The Zencargo platform also fed accurate live data to Swoon’s website on expected delivery dates, giving Swoon’s customers visibility on perceived delays and alleviating pressure on customer service teams. 

Dom Moulding, Logistics Manager at Swoon, comments, “Working with Zencargo has directly increased our product margin. Their insightful advice has helped us continuously optimise and execute cost savings across our network.”

Alex Hersham, CEO and Co-founder of Zencargo said, “We are honoured to have received this award in collaboration with Swoon. 2021 has been an unpredictable year for supply chains and we are proud to have supported Swoon in navigating the challenges. This collaboration is proof that businesses can set themselves up for supply chain success if they find the right forwarding partner suited to their business strategies.”

Zencargo is a London-based digital freight forwarder helping organisations from FTSE 100 businesses to fast-growing startups to make smarter supply chain decisions. Founded in 2017, Zencargo has recently raised £42 million in a Series B funding round enabling the company to significantly grow its team and further expand internationally.