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Supply and Demand Chain Executive has named Zencargo as the recipient of their Top Supply Chain Project of 2022.

This award spotlights successful and innovative transformation projects that deliver bottom-line value to small, medium and large enterprises across the supply chain function. Zencargo won this award for a project our experts have been working on with a leading beauty retailer to improve visibility, container forecasting and PO management.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the customer on improving their visibility through the Zencargo platform. I have watched their team gain confidence in predicting outcomes and driving operational savings.”

Adnan Farooqi, Senior Customer Success Manager, Zencargo

Zencargo’s Top Supply Chain Project

The customer joined Zencargo with a lack of visibility over their supply chain, difficulty with product forecasting and limited PO management.

Poor product data integrity meant that this beauty retailer was finding it difficult to forecast how many containers they would need, and how much product would fit in each container. This made benchmarking performance extremely difficult, especially with a changing product mix.

“With the assistance of Zencargo the customer is now able to have visibility on exactly what is being produced and sent by each manufacturer and are shipping to exact specifications and dates guided by our platform. They have the ability to revise and amend orders at their discretion as well as knowing exactly how much of their product will fill the container. Knowing the price per unit with transport costs included is also contributing to the overall streamlining of the business.”

Adnan Farooqi, Senior Customer Success Manager, Zencargo

Through Zencargo’s online platform, the beauty retailer can now track both SKUs and POs across the shipping process, while getting a transparent view of how Zencargo is progressing each order.

Zencargo collaborated with the beauty retailer on a number of data health initiatives, including building out the product catalogue with accurate information on dimensions and weights.

To further streamline the PO management process, the beauty retailer’s ERP system was connected to the Zencargo platform via API.

Introducing advanced data capabilities through the Zencargo online platform has allowed the Zencargo team to offer services such as loading plans and reliable container forecasts that help maximise container utilisation.

By integrating the ERP system via API, every PO the buying team creates is automatically linked onto the platform and directed to the Zencargo team to manage.

Having all POs and shipment data combined on the Zencargo platform, the beauty retailer now has a single source of information that’s up-to-date, complete and accurate which they can share easily with the rest of the business.

With the platform as their foundation, the beauty retailer can produce more accurate container forecasts and better track how they have performed against KPIs. This visibility also highlights where further improvements can be made.

“Zencargo have added visibility to this customer’s business and processes at origin and destination. We have also been able to provide insightful data analytics which has allowed the customer to make informed decisions on what they need and when they need it. By using the data it has also become apparent where the supply chain shortcomings are, and how to then rectify them, allowing for a much more smooth and streamlined process.”

Adnan Farooqi, Senior Customer Success Manager, Zencargo

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