November 2022 – Zencargo, the digital freight forwarder creating a world with smarter trade, has recently partnered with byrd. byrd delivers an all-in-one fulfilment solution that helps businesses to outsource and automate their order fulfilment. The cloud-based software enables merchants to retain full control over their inventory and order management. 

When businesses grow due to increased demand, the volume of shipments that are ordered and delivered also rises. As volumes increase, businesses need a scalable logistics solution that can handle complex networks and ensure that stakeholders are still all connected.

byrd supports SMEs and fast-growing direct-to-consumer brands with a fully automated fulfilment process that can integrate with any business’ shop system. Through their international fulfilment network, byrd can successfully manage peaks in demand and increase order volumes as businesses grow while helping businesses to drive down cross-border logistics costs. 

Zencargo’s digital platform connects all stakeholders across the inbound supply chain. Through its platform, customers have access to end-to-end SKU level visibility which helps businesses make better decisions on their supply chain. Zencargo also offers bespoke solutions tailored to its customers’ individual supply chain profile to reduce unnecessary spend, minimise delays and maximise revenue. The partnership between byrd and Zencargo will mutually build success paths for customers by delivering a scalable fulfilment solution that can help maximise revenue and customer service.  

Alex Hersham, CEO and Co-founder at Zencargo comments,  “This partnership will help us to scale with our customers and provide them with solutions that can help them handle their growing volumes. byrd’s integrated fulfilment solutions paired with Zencargo’s collaborative platform will help businesses stay competitive with their supply chains.”

Alex Leichter, CEO and Co-founder at byrd comments, “We expect this partnership to facilitate keeping track of the entire supply chain for our customers and thus simplify and optimize the entire logistics process. The services of Zencargo and byrd complement each other perfectly and support efficient processes from inbound logistics to shipping to the end customer.”