Freight is one of the last major industries stuck in the last century.

Recently, however, some forward looking businesses have started to work with digital-first freight forwarders and have become passionate ambassadors for the switch.

Here are their top 7 reasons why they switched and are never looking back:

  1. Huge time saving – up to 500 hours per year
    A typical logistics team, doing a handful of shipments per year, save a cumulative 500 hours across quotes, booking, B/L, documents, chasing for updates, pick-up/delivery time, interacting with your client and more. Booking, managing and tracking with a traditional forwarder is 80% quicker than with a traditional forwarder.
  1. Still have the benefits of high quality customer service
    Digital-first doesn’t mean digital-only. The best digital-first forwarders have quality, experienced logistics professionals managing each shipment, liaising with the supplier/end buyer, and is always there for a call or a meeting.
  1. Transparency on price & route options
    Logistics managers can finally have the pricing & route transparency that we are all used to across other industries.
  1. Huge win/win as they price match your current forwarder
    All the technology and time saving comes for free with a digital-first forwarder, as they work hard to make sure that they move your freight at competitive levels.
  1. Get paid faster
    If your payment is tied to your B/L, being able to edit, adopt customer edits & confirm your B/L online saves an incredible amount of time & allows you to get paid faster.
  1.  Everything in one place, 24/7
    Every client of a digital-first forwarder gets their own customisable dashboard, which they can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All information is constantly updated and triple-lock secure. You can share your dashboard with anyone internally & also share specific shipment details and updates with your clients.
  1. Incredible freight & supply chain data
    Whether it’s insight into your logistics spend by SKU or commodity code, an analysis of your fully landed cost, freight spending patterns, exports by country or many more, a digital-first forwarder can help you uncover some hidden secrets in your supply chain and optimise your freight.

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