As the UK attempts to combat the devastating spread of COVID-19, we all need to be doing what we can to support those on the front lines dealing with this crisis every day. This is especially the case for the NHS, where doctors are risking their health to help those in need.

We are proud to be partnering with Masks for NHS Heroes, a grassroots campaign set up by a group of doctors to source Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those who need it most. 

“Like going to war without armour and protection”

As is the case in many countries, the UK is suffering a critical shortage of PPEPPE includes face masks, visors, surgical gowns and gloves and is essential for limiting the risk of contracting COVID-19 while working in close contact with infected patients.

While the British government is doing everything it can, healthcare workers on the frontline are risking themselves daily without adequate protection to care for sick patients. In the words of the Masks for NHS Heroes, “Healthcare workers on the frontline without PPE is the equivalent of going to war without armour and protection.”

Making a difference for doctors

Masks for NHS Heroes is raising money to purchase large quantities of essential equipment for donation to NHS trusts dealing with COVID-19. The response so far has been incredibly inspiring, raising nearly £1.5m. This has included notable celebrity donations, including £275,000 from actor James MacAvoy, who has been sharing video updates on the campaign across his social media.

Zencargo is supporting Masks for NHS Heroes to enable the international procurement and movement of quality assured PPE out of China to the UK. This mission is made more complicated by increased scrutiny of PPE by the Chinese government and the scarcity of air freight capacity. 

Working directly with teams on the ground in China, including the British Consulate, we’ve rapidly arranged key customs clearances and quality control assurances, in addition to securing exemptions from duties, in order to ensure the fastest UK delivery possible.

We’re proud to say that the first deliveries will soon be arriving in the UK where they will be distributed by DHL Supply Chain directly to the trusts that need them most.

How you can help

While this campaign has made huge progress, there is much more that we can do to expand the range of equipment and hospitals that we’re helping.

You can be a part of this international effort to support those who are risking their lives to keep others safe at this time. Donate to the Masks for NHS Heroes fundraiser here and make a difference today.