We have just released Zencargo’s biggest project ever and you might not have even noticed. Over the last few months, our engineers have completely transformed how we track, organise and analyse your network data. And while that seems simple, it’s actually the foundation for the next stage of supply chain evolution.

Unlocking Your Data Potential

We’re on a mission to make your supply chain your business’s competitive advantage. We do this by using real-time information to provide insights that help you plan better and adapt to changes in supply demand, executed by our expert freight management team.

This is impossible without rich and reliable data. It’s the foundation layer for us to deliver our promise of a more effective, efficient and agile supply chain for your business.

It’s also the first step towards integrating not only our own network partners, but those of our customers too to offer insightful geographical analysis, increased collaboration and drive better decisions.

From Insight to Action

This isn’t just about cleaning house before the holidays. This is about making a tangible impact to your day to day supply chain.

This opens the door to opportunities such as intelligent load consolidation, warehouse management recommendations, structured route analysis and modelling container freight stations, all within our system.

The list is long, and could go longer, because data us the ultimate enabler of success in the digital world. But in the simplest terms, you will see a more detailed view of what is happening in the real world and make smarter decisions faster.

The Supply Chain Challenge

Capturing data quickly and accurately is one of the toughest things to accomplish is any industry, but especially in supply chain. This is due to many factors, including siloed knowledge, simplified models and non-standardised data input processes.

So what did we actually modify in our system? In simple terms, all we’ve changed how we structure organisations to give us more control and visibility over the individual elements (purchase orders, shipments, quotes, team structures, etc).

The new model looks like this:

This model enables us to have a structured layout of branches and locations with various data-points that can be tied together, and lays the foundation layer for any complexity that wishes to be added later.

If we think of in terms of a “control tower” pyramid of needs, we would look for the following:

  • End-to-end Visibility
  • Collaborative information sharing
  • Early warning alerts and exception management
  • Predictive and prescriptive decision-support
  • Autonomous decision-making and control
  • “Cognitive ability”

This lays groundwork for the first two points and paves the way for the following four.

Moving Forward

In the product team here at Zencargo we strive to balance new features with redesigns and analysis of our current systems. It is important that our methods are revisited as we scale to ensure they’re fit for purpose in the light of new features.


In conclusion, this is the first step in our journey to create true end-to-end visibility and collaboration followed by intelligent proactive exception management. And we are always open to new ways of doing that, so if you would like to submit any ideas of features you have please email us at ideas@zencargo.com

And if you have an account with us check out your networks tab here.