Zencargo’s ultimate goal is to disrupt the trillion-dollar shipping industry. However, that’s far from the only reason we do what we do. 

Our biggest priority is creating a better experience and giving customers some control over their shipments.

Our tech platform makes that possible, but it starts with our relationships with our customers.

True Customer Engagement

Every company says that their relationships with their clients are a priority. Coming from the world of SaaS, I know that they mean it. 

But with us, it’s not just a priority; it’s a necessity.

Our customers drive every new development and forward momentum we have. Our engineers and developers have direct contact with customers to hear what’s helping them and what they’re still looking for. 

The Customer Success Team helps navigate those interactions and provides a singular point of contact, but everybody gets to talk directly to our customers. 

The Impact of Customer Interactions

In most tech businesses, the developers and engineers are almost siloed from everybody, even the other people in their company. 

At Zencargo, we’re all part of one big team. And as far as we’re concerned, our customers are part of the team too. 

That means that our developers and engineers don’t just talk to customers to find out what changes they need. They get to see the impact those specific deliverables have on our customers’ businesses and lives.

That’s groundbreaking and really exciting for all of us. 

Those partnerships will help us scale more, move further forward, and create a better customer experience than anybody else in freight forwarding right now.  

Involving Customers in the Process

Knowing that our customers are vital in developing new ideas and unique solutions, we’ve built a roadmap to make it as easy as possible for everybody.

First, our customers join a research panel where the Research Team uncovers how they work, what their shipping needs are, and what changes they’d like to see. The Research, Product, and Design Teams all have direct access to customers through this panel. 

The Design Team takes this information and creates a design that fits their goals. Then, our Product Team and Engineering Team work toward making it a reality. 

As we work through a new product’s development, we share and test functionality with our customers. Sometimes, we have to go back and forth on a design to get it right. We discuss different user stories and how we can incorporate other use cases. The plan typically starts with the senior stakeholder’s perspective, but we make sure we build it to work for individual user levels as well. 

Our roadmap gives customers greater access to our process than they could ever get anywhere else. They get to see the complete ecosystem of what their needs and ideas have inspired. And they get real-time reports on how it’s going while providing us with necessary feedback on what changes we might need to make and things like that. 

When a product is finished, our customers are the first to know. 

Seeing the Difference We Make

Most tech companies develop tools or services based on what their customers want. There’s nothing new there. But few work as closely with them as we do. 

That closeness doesn’t just benefit customers; it makes a big difference for us. 

We’re able to quickly shift gears and fix issues before handing a product over to a client. That ability dramatically accelerates the creation cycle and leads to better experiences for everybody.

Plus, when you get to see firsthand the value and impact you bring to your customer base, it’s enormously motivating and exciting! These relationships are a constant reminder of why we do what we do. 

Our Customer Success Team facilitates the connection with our customers, but every member of our company gets to be a part of them. 

The supply chain affects everybody, and it’s a broken system. If you want to be part of the solution and see firsthand the difference you can make in your customers’ lives, check out our open positions here