Hello my name is Kaitlyn, and I’m the UK Marketing Lead at Zencargo. 

I’m responsible for creating the UK marketing strategy, and executing on our plan of activity to hit our UK pipeline and revenue targets.

I’ve been at Zencargo since September 2020 and was the main marketer back in the day. Since then, we’ve grown from a team of just one to about 14 people in the Marketing Team.

Why Zencargo?

There were two main reasons why I was interested in joining Zencargo: the growth trajectory of the company, and the opportunity to work at a place that is disrupting the supply chain industry. 

When I was interviewing for the role at Zencargo, the growth plans for both the company and for marketing were appealing. I was looking for a role with a lot of autonomy, and the opportunity to grow into my role and choose my own path. 

The supply chain crisis has hit the headlines quite frequently over the past few years. The volatility of the market indicates that there is so much improvement for efficiency. Therefore, Zencargo’s mission to disrupt this traditional industry with their technologies is impressive. As a marketer, that’s an exciting challenge as you get to flex your creative muscles to stand out from some of the more established giants. 

During my ‘values’ interview, I could immediately sense the energy and enthusiasm surrounding the company’s growth. Our ‘values’ interview is important to our hiring process as it ensures all new hires are aligned with the company’s goals and values. 

Remote Working 

When joining Zencargo remotely, the onboarding process was great in terms of all the material I needed and the people were extremely welcoming. Everyone was very open to having ‘Introduction Calls’ to talk about their role and what their team does, which gave me solid insight into the various functions of the company.

Currently the Marketing Team is spread out across the entire UK – from London up to Edinburgh. As a team we start off our week with our Monday morning kick-off, where each team highlights their priorities for the week, and share wins & shoutouts. 

However, our contact doesn’t just stop there. When we’re executing larger campaigns (like our flagship event, Navigate), we stay connected with weekly stand-ups and have had many productive brainstorming sessions on Miro. Every Friday afternoon, we have our weekly team wrap up which is a nice way to all check in on a human level and play some games such as Linkee or Geoguesser.

We meet up in our London office as a Marketing Team every couple of months. Our office day session consists of team workshops and a social in the evening – last month we had a table tennis social at Bounce! 

Progression Opportunities 

I joined Zencargo as a Marketing Associate and was given the opportunity to do a bit of everything – from executing our email marketing, managing our freelancers and establishing our relationships with our trade media partners. 

As the team has grown, marketing at Zencargo has expanded the Brand & Creative and Demand Generation function. On the Demand Generation team, we’re responsible for building pipeline and driving conversions throughout the sales process. This includes campaign planning & execution, regional marketing, digital marketing and marketing partnerships. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown within the Demand Generation Team and was promoted to UK Marketing Manager, focusing on our commercial accounts. This involved executing UK specific campaigns and working closely with the Sales team in the region. The opportunity to manage large projects and dive deeper into the UK region, led to my second promotion back in December to become the UK Marketing Lead. It has been rewarding to grow with the company, with both my role and my personal development. 

Current Projects

My day-to-day activity involves executing campaigns like our monthly webinars as well as preparing for industry events that we’re attending later on in the month. As we head towards the end of Q1, finalising our Q2 campaign plan is a priority right now. This involves working closely with the wider Growth Team (Marketing, Sales and Customer Success) to see what needs to be prioritised next quarter, in order to hit our targets for Q2 and beyond.

In terms of larger scale projects, our flagship event Navigate is a big focus at the moment.  Navigate, is a summit for supply chain and logistics professionals, and will be taking place later this spring. 

What is next?

Supply chains are evolving, and I’m constantly learning something new about the industry every day. I know that I’ll continue to develop my supply chain and marketing skill set this year. 

As a Marketing Team we have some intriguing projects & strategies that we’re planning to test out (for example, taking Navigate to the next level). 

The future looks exciting for Zencargo, and I can’t wait to see what we are going to accomplish as a company this year. 

Watch this space.

Joining the Team

If you are interested in joining Zencargo, do not hesitate! It’s a great place to work. You can take a look at our open positions here