Hello, my name is Tanushree, and I’m the Marketing Manager leading the Benelux region for Zencargo. 

I’ve been at Zencargo for nearly a year and there are a multitude of things that I enjoy about my role. But, to sum up, the main three things are the diverse nature of the role and the ability to work multiple hats, the power of using the magic of marketing to create value, and collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders. 

Why Zencargo?

I’ve always loved taking on new challenges. In my journey so far, I have worked within the automobile, finance, banking and retail industries and with each adventure, I’ve come away with valuable lessons. From my previous experience, I was given the opportunity to understand nuances of the portfolio of products and services, research competitive landscapes and find product-market fit, as well as creating compelling brand positioning to captivate audiences. 

While I was thinking about the next step in my career, the pandemic hit us all. It made me realise the importance of supply chain. Supply chain is an unsung hero in everyone’s life. This industry works non-stop and so seamlessly that I never really realised its power until the world came to a standstill. So I decided on my next stop – a new age supply chain company which is making a difference. That’s how I docked at Zencargo. 

Working remotely 

Zencargo believes in giving autonomy to their employees and thus, encourages talent and potential over the location. The teams that I liaise with are spread across Europe. This speaks volumes about our company culture. Company culture is a term that gets thrown around a lot, normally without much substance behind it, however, Zencargo truly is a place where culture is paramount. 

We are a company, where people genuinely care about each other. We are encouraged to meet team members to spend time outside work, which builds camaraderie and trust between team members. We use tools like Slack and Miro to effectively stay connected and collaborate whilst staying remote.

The company also organises quarterly socials and internal awards celebrating exceptional performances across the business. To be recognised for achievements is uplifting and it is extremely encouraging to see and celebrate the successes of others. 

The start of the Benelux journey 

I have always enjoyed launching brands and new business segments for different regions. And I knew working with startup/scaleup space is always fun because you get to experiment a lot as a marketeer. 

Therefore, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead and launch Zencargo in Benelux. The journey has been very interesting and I have learnt a lot throughout, and I am still learning something new every day.

As I developed the strategy for entering the market, my first action was to do a deep dive to understand the region, its demographic, buying behaviours and competitor landscape. I then identified Zencargo’s potential to positively transform supply chains for businesses in the region. These insights supported me to develop and spearhead many projects to build a robust and consistent business pipeline. Our Benelux team has also grown since I joined last year;  with dedicated sales, operations and product specialists driving success in the region.

Current Projects

There is always so much going on in the marketing team. We are working on many interesting sponsored and hosted events, alongside our series of thought leadership webinars and roundtables. We also bond together as a team and company to organise and promote our flagship event Navigate, a conference for supply chain professionals. 

As I am focused on the Benelux initiative I am working on some exciting projects (confidential at the moment!) and producing a series of interesting Dutch webinars, resources and product demos with our amazing content and sales team.

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’ at Zencargo and that’s the best part of my role. Every day varies significantly. It can start with running through emails and Slack messages, then having a check-in with the various teams on upcoming campaigns for the week, supporting teams to work through any blockers or challenges for delivery, as well as a general weekly catch up with other marketing functions like content, digital, events etc.

This can be followed by a meeting with a new event company or partner we’re looking to onboard to help drive new prospects, and negotiate pricing and their offerings as part of their package. We also have a fortnightly check-in with the SLT team sharing our current KPIs and upcoming plans.

I also lead the weekly KPI analysis  and see how we’re performing against our monthly and quarterly goals. Then I could be taking the opportunity with some non-meeting time to get my head into planning for the coming quarter, using the reporting as a base of where we should be looking to focus our activities.

Long term vision 

My priority is always ensuring Zencargo is top of mind for our prospects and to keep identifying opportunities in the market. The team and I focus on positioning the company as experts in the supply chain industry dedicated to driving results for businesses.  

We have done a lot of groundwork on establishing brand awareness and increasing our presence – what we do, who we are, and how we can help potential customers. Since joining last summer, we have achieved a lot already. From being featured on Bloomberg to ranking seventh in the Deloitte Fast Track 50 Awards, it’s a pleasure to see Zencargo’s name grow.  On top of this, one of our competitors this year said that they ‘have seen Zencargo’s active presence across a lot of platforms and events and shared that they will participate in a particular event only if Zencargo would’. This is really encouraging for us as we are not even a year old in the region and it goes to show the impact we are making in the market

We are noticing a growing awareness for a smarter and digitised supply chain. Specifically in the Benelux region, there is amplified consciousness around building a sustainable supply chain. And Zencargo is leading in delivering both of these needs for businesses.

It’s great to be part of such a thrilling and impactful journey. Three words I would use to describe my time at Zencargo so far are:  Forward, Upward and Onward.