Huel worked with Zencargo to automate their supply chain processes and improve end to end SKU level visibility.

By building a clear picture of their shipments, Huel were able to:

  • Forecast containers and control costs
  • Reduce email traffic originally at 100-150 a week per supplier

What Huel wanted to change
about their supply chain

With overwhelming supplier communication, complex systems and manual processes, the Huel team were struggling to find the information they needed. They needed to unlock visibility into their operations at origin, and to find collaboration tools that improved their processes and efficiency.

“We would receive an email saying ‘hey, this has changed – can you change container?’ and given the email traffic that was coming through, these things can easily be missed.”

Victoria Old, Lead Logistics Executive, Huel


The team were missing information and struggling to scale

Having already grown significantly, Huel had plans to expand their business and increase product volume further. However, with no clear point of contact with their previous forwarder, Huel struggled to understand where their shipments were and what problems needed resolving.

All communication was being done via email, with teams receiving 100-150 emails a week just from one supplier. The excessive email traffic was hard to monitor and extremely time-consuming to process, often leading to missed information.

Having to chase suppliers and internal teams for information was also damaging supplier relationships. The Huel team found that they were requesting items, but when those items were ready, freight trucks were unable to collect and products were left sitting with the manufacturer.

Using multiple systems, transferring information from email to spreadsheets and not having sufficient communication with their existing forwarder, Huel found it difficult to get the information and data they needed for internal teams to make decisions and plan for product arrivals.

“We know right now that shipments are getting delayed. We know there are containers missing or just not going on vessels. But we need to know about it. We need to be told about it.”

Victoria Old, Lead Logistics Executive, Huel


Huel centralised and automated information for a full picture

Huel now has access to Zencargo’s platform, which centralises all information so that the Huel team can easily find what they need to know about every shipment and SKU in their supply chain– without having to go through multiple systems, communications or complex data.

“Since joining Zencargo, I don’t need to send 100 million emails to see something or to confirm the booking.”

Victoria Old, Lead Logistics Executive, Huel

Huel also wanted a forwarder that would prioritise their business and scale alongside them. Before Zencargo, Huel struggled to communicate with their forwarder, making them question whether the provider was right for their next stage of ambitious growth. Zencargo offered a clear point of contact for the team, who regularly communicates updates and can help Huel to plan the best way to supply growing demand.

“There’s not a point where I would think ‘I’m on my own here’. It’s very much a case of ‘right, I have an issue or I have a question and I know who to go to’.”

Victoria Old, Lead Logistics Executive, Huel

By working directly in the Zencargo platform, data collection and exception management is now automated, meaning they can instantly understand what’s going on. Missing documents, such as those required for customs clearance, are automatically flagged so that the team can find and upload the correct information well in advance.


By easily sharing information, communication has improved

Combining customer care and an advanced platform, Huel can now easily communicate with external partners and internal teams to share information and improve processes.

End-to-end SKU level visibility has enhanced decision making and helped to build supplier relationships by providing a shared source of truth. Huel and their suppliers can easily communicate to ensure products are collected on time, reducing Huel’s lead time and keeping suppliers happy.

Huel has saved thousands of pounds per container shipped as they can now forecast shipments and have an expert procurement team at hand to secure a better price in advance.

The Huel team have also reduced time spent looking for information thanks to the Zencargo platform, which minimises irrelevant information and simplifies complex data.

“I hadn’t seen anything like it before. It looked like shipping had moved out of an old boys club and into something a lot more modern.”

Victoria Old, Lead Logistics Executive, Huel

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