Since working with Zencargo, Vivobarefoot has achieved:

90% visibility on CO2 emissions data for shipments since 2019 | Scope 3 emissions reporting covering sea, air and road

Vivobarefoot, a B Corp and British footwear company, collaborated with Zencargo and Pledge* to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their scope 3  transportation and distribution emissions. This initiative enabled them to measure their greenhouse gas emissions dating back to 2019 and work towards their goal of becoming a regenerative business.

*Pledge offers best-in-class climate solutions for logistics and supply chain leaders to measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as remove residual emissions.


Vivobarefoot considers tracking greenhouse gas  emissions as an integral piece to their future regenerative business model. However, tracking  value chain transportation and distribution emissions (e.g. scope 3) in a compliant and approved way can be difficult. 

Vivobarefoot previously manually tracked emissions which posed several challenges to their  objective of accurately tracking emissions and collecting adequate transparent data.


Zencargo and Pledge offered an emissions measurement tool that provided data on Vivobarefoot’s inbound emissions in accordance with recognised standards and methodologies. 

The partnership between Zencargo and Pledge provided Vivobarefoot with visibility and insights of their greenhouse gas emissions for their inbound supply chain. This was in accordance with recognised standards such as the GHG Protocol, ICAO methodology and the GLEC framework — meaning the approach is  ISO:14083 compliant. 


With Zencargo and Pledge, Vivobarefoot gained comprehensive in-platform reporting and analytics, improving emissions data visibility. They now have scope 3 emissions reporting for shipments since 2019, covering air, sea, and road movements facilitated by Zencargo. 

The solution reduced manual data input minimising discrepancies, centralised storage for benchmarking and offered scalable emissions tracking as operations grew. 

Over 90% of shipments executed by Zencargo since 2019 now have CO2 emissions data, with plans for 100% visibility of Vivobarefoot’s  transportation and distribution emissions moving forwards. Vivobarefoot will utilise the data collected to inform their future absolute reduction roadmaps for logistics and distribution scope 3 emissions.  

Charlotte Pumford (Head of Sustainability and Regenerative Impact at Vivobarefoot)

“To have  significantly increased  our scope 3 emissions data across logistics and distribution operations with Zencargo is excellent. As part of our ongoing focus to collect primary data across all of our salient environmental impacts, we will further work collaboratively with Zencargo and its sustainability partner Pledge to define  absolute reduction strategies and targets ”

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