Huel struggled to communicate with suppliers due to heavy email traffic and lack of visibility.

By onboarding their manufacturers, Huel has:

  • Facilitated collaboration between suppliers and forwarders to save them time
  • Enabled their manufacturers to book shipments directly with Zencargo
  • Reduced Huel’s email traffic and streamlined communication

What Huel were looking to achieve

“I don’t want to be going to three or four different sources to find out where stock is. We don’t have the time really to be doing that anymore. We need those manufacturers onboarded and to be booking their own shipments.”

Victoria Old, Lead Logistics Executive, Huel


email overload

Many of Huel’s manufacturers were using old-school practices for sharing data and communicating updates, such as email. However, dealing with just one supplier could result in 100-150 emails each week.

Huel needed to find an alternative solution to make sure that both they and their suppliers could have full visibility of shipment information. The biggest concern was that manufacturers would not be comfortable using a modern, digital platform and Huel would continue to have problems with communication.


all information in one place

Zencargo met with Huel’s manufacturers to explain the benefits of using our platform, such as minimising the chances of stock sitting in their warehouse. For manufacturers used to email and spreadsheets, Zencargo demonstrated how the platform can be used to communicate, share updates easily and minimise workload.

The platform also allows the manufacturer to let Huel know when products are ready and request that shipment be booked. This minimises the need for email communication and, therefore, reduces missed information.


quick, easy communication

By onboarding their manufacturers to the Zencargo platform, the Huel team no longer has to act as the middleman between their suppliers and their forwarder. This has saved them time while enabling their manufacturers to book shipments directly with Zencargo based on the most up-to-date cargo ready date.

Having the manufacturer on the platform has also significantly reduced Huel’s email traffic and streamlined communication, preventing stock waiting at the factory and reducing the chances of additional costs caused by failed collections.

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