Hello, my name is Jakub Łopusiński, and I am an Engineering Manager for one of the Experience Teams at Zencargo.

Experience Teams are a group of people dedicated to working on specific products. My team currently consists of one full-stack engineer, a backend engineer, a product manager, and one designer. 

We aim to develop our products to build better customer experiences and this is continually evolving as the company’s vision grows. 

Autonomous Work

Autonomy is highly valued at Zencargo and independent learning and ownership are necessary to succeed. We value everybody’s individual development and to help them with learning, we provide the necessary tools and support they need to accomplish their goals. 

Once one project is complete, we move on to the next based on the priorities chosen by the Product Managers. 

They give us the theme, and we have the independence to decide how we approach the problem. We decide on the scope of the project, and we pick the tools we want to use. 

There is also a lot of variety and diversity in what we do. 

The theming process and prioritisation happen every quarter, so people get to switch between different projects quite often. There are always new challenges and interesting projects to work on, which keeps us motivated to keep evolving. 

Our Tech Stacks

Right now, Zencargo is transitioning our tech stacks. 

On the frontend side, we are using React and Typescript and on the back end, we’ve been using a Monolithic architecture in Ruby on Rails. As our services and functionality continue to grow, we’ve moved to a more customisable structure. Therefore, we’re in the process of moving to a Microservices Ecosystem using a Spring Boot framework and Kotlin language.  

Our team hasn’t had the opportunity to get our hands dirty with the new tech stack yet, but we’re looking forward to it. 

We’ve had a lot of new hires recently, and they bring a lot of expertise to these new systems. So all of our learning is accelerating right now, which helps us grow in functionality and efficiency. 

The Opportunity for Growth

When I started working here almost two years ago, I had no idea how much or how quickly we would grow.

Zencargo is an amazing place to work, and tech is only one side of that equation. The other half is our culture, values, and supportive atmosphere. No matter how big we get, that will not change.

There are endless possibilities for growth and learning here. We provide a lot of room and space for everybody to explore new solutions, develop unique ideas, and become better developers and engineers.  

And mistakes are just as valued as achievements. They happen on every level, and they give us a good place to move forward from. 

As a company, we’re constantly learning and improving, and we want that for our workers as well. Just like autonomy, self-development and personal growth are hugely encouraged and supported here. 

Who Should Join Zencargo?

As much as we’re growing, we still need more people to help us achieve the huge goals we have for this year. 

Zencargo needs people familiar and experienced with the tech stack we are using. But more importantly, we want people who are eager to share that knowledge with their team on a daily basis. 

We’ve got a lot of learning ahead of us; the more we can learn from each other, the more we can do. 

In addition to that, having strong personal values is something we look for in everybody who joins. People who are open to new ideas, ready to hit the ground running in an exciting startup, and want to make a difference in the world are great candidates for what we’re doing here.

If you are interested in joining Zencargo, do not hesitate! It’s genuinely a great place to work. You can take a look at our open positions here