We have been living in a globalised world for some time. 

But even with major technological advances, many systems aren’t keeping up with the pace of change in our increasingly connected economy. 

The worldwide supply chain is one of those being left behind. Here at Zencargo, we’re trying to bring it to the 21st century.

Supply Chain Issues That Affect Everybody

For years, we accepted the lack of transparency, poor data quality, slowness, and inherent complexity of moving freight as fact. But due to new complex supply chain problems resulting from COVID, Brexit, etc., those problems have multiplied, creating awareness of the impact of supply chain issues on all of us. 

It’s recovering, but very slowly. 

Whole industries are scrabbling because they don’t have access to raw materials, which has far reaching implications for the entire economy. 

On top of that, when businesses don’t get the supplies they need, consumers don’t either. On a long enough timeline, a broken supply chain affects every aspect of our lives.  

Solutions To Supply Chain Problems

We are finding more and more ways to leverage modern technology to combat supply chain problems.

  • Increasing visibility and providing more accurate data to drive better decisions
  • Improving the end-to-end processes to help minimise emissions and costs
  • Reducing stockouts, so that consumers can get what they want when they want it
  • Facilitating stakeholder communications to keep everybody on the same page

By focusing on the outcomes and value delivery we are working towards helping people, businesses and the environment.

How Zencargo Can Help Supply Chain Companies

We are building a solution that gives companies the data they need to make more informed decisions, and, ultimately, have it make those decisions for them.

Our goal is also to bring all the necessary stakeholders and systems together to improve collaboration and processes across the board to help find solutions to supply chain problems.

They’re reducing their environmental impact and costs by being able to use the most effective means of transporting their products and not ordering more than necessary due to supply chain related uncertainties. 

In addition, companies can enjoy the security of knowing that they’re getting the right products to the right place at the right time. 

All this is making it easier for businesses to know when they should buy the goods they need and when they can expect to receive them, which, in turn, helps them give their customers better prices and service and improve their bottom line.

The future is bright

Every day, industries are deploying unique and innovative technologies to change the way they operate and deliver value. 

This holds true even for businesses that have been thriving for decades as competition, the ever increasing consumer standards and the impact they’re having on the planet is driving them towards a more optimised future. 

It is only recently that the supply chain world has joined the revolution and more and more companies are looking to technology to help them improve how they transport their products and goods. 

Digitisation is creating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain, and the more we learn and grow at Zencargo, the more we can help.