We are delighted to announce that Zencargo has been named One to Watch in this year’s edition of The Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

‘Ones to Watch’ focuses on businesses that champion innovation through technology. Companies like Monzo, Deliveroo and Babylon, all of whom have been nominated in previous years and who have gone on to transform their respective industries.

From cost centre to competitive advantage

At Zencargo our goal is to turn your supply chain into your business’s competitive advantage, driving value across your whole organisation.

This starts with unlocking the data behind each step in the process. We digitise the entire journey from manufacturer to warehouse, bringing real-time insights on how your supply chain is performing. Our expert consultants then use this data to identify opportunities to release working capital, reduce freight costs and grow revenue.

Zencargo’s platform creates a single version of truth for commercial (merchandising or procurement) and logistics functions. Detailed SKU level data enables teams to improve planning and identify risks in advance so that teams can implement solutions that minimise stock shortfalls and ensure that they have the right stock available at the right time for the right price.

Putting ROI first

Alex Hersham, CEO, Zecargo, commented:

“We’re thrilled to be named One to Watch by the The Sunday Times Tech Track 100. It’s been a huge year for Zencargo and this is further proof that we’re on the right track. We know that digitising the supply chain delivers the highest ROI of any business initiative, growing revenue by 3.2 per cent. We want to make that as simple as possible and help companies leverage the full power of technology to deliver long term improvement and growth.”

“Businesses are getting squeezed more and more by competition. We believe that improving the way you move your products is a huge opportunity to distinguish yourself. We’ve already seen Zencargo grow over 600% in the last year, highlighting the appetite and scope for the innovation we are introducing and the real value of new and efficient supply chain technology.”

This accolade comes just months after Zencargo raised a Series A investment round in April, bringing the total funds raised to $20m.

Zencargo combines freight forwarding, technology and consulting to deliver supply chain transformation for some of Europe’s leading companies. Established in 2017 by co-founders Alex Hersham, Richard Fattal and Jan Riethmayer, the company’s digital platform is already used to move billions of dollars worth of cargo every year.