I’m Tamir Strauss, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Zencargo.

Some time ago, I realised that I had a slightly unusual ability as a software engineer: I can explain very techy ideas to non-techy people. That drew me into the world of product and startups.

After many years of working in tech, I eventually found Zencargo. Although I had never worked in shipping or freight forwarding before, the values and excitement of working here made it a perfect choice for me.

Culture First

In my experience, tech startups don’t typically value culture as much as they do innovation and hard work.

Zencargo is different in that regard.

Of course, innovation and hard work is an enormous part of what we do. But more importantly, we focus on collaborating to find the best solution and spreading this knowledge throughout the company. That helps us all grow and improve.

When every team member is valued and listened to, they’ll automatically dedicate themselves more to the work and the organisation.

And there’s no blame culture here. We encourage everyone to try new things and share their ideas. When mistakes are made, they’re not punished or pointed out. They’re just viewed as a starting point to try something different.

From top to bottom, we challenge each other to grow, learn, and improve every day using empathy and respect.

Being Part of the Freight Forwarding Solution

Aside from the culture, one of the most compelling reasons to work at Zencargo is to help solve the enormous problems that plague the supply chain industry. 

Right now, businesses and people worldwide are struggling to get the supplies, materials, and the goods they need. This affects everybody; from the person who is unable to get their medication in time, to the corporate CEO who doesn’t know how long their business can last without new inventory. 

However, our work at Zencargo can help people on a global scale. By using our tech and our logistics expertise, we’re able to help customers navigate a volatile market using the latest technology. 

We also aim to create a more sustainable supply chain through optimisation, leading to reduced waste and pollution. It’s great to be able to make the world a slightly better place.

Zencargo is Making Waves

Due to a new hyper-awareness of shipping problems throughout the world, our use of technology is starting to gain wide recognition. 

We were recently presented with The Financial Times Tech Champion award in the Shipping and Transport Category as well the Supply Chain Visibility Award at the 2021 Supply Chain Excellence Awards in partnership with Swoon. 

It’s a massive industry with tons of moving parts, and our solutions can help other organisations improve their supply chain. 

This recognition also helps us grow our outreach, bring in more talent, and expand our capabilities so that we can make an even bigger difference

The Place for Software Engineers

In my experience, most software engineers enjoy what they do so much because they thrive on solving problems. 

The bad part is, many companies do not give you the space to figure out how to solve those problems on your own. Typically, somebody tells you what needs to be done, and you have to implement their solution. 

It’s different at Zencargo. 

We work both autonomously and collaboratively to develop new and exciting solutions all the time. No idea is dismissed or looked down upon. 

This allows engineers and everybody else in the company to hone their skills, grow their knowledge base, and do more with their creativity and expertise than probably any other place they’ve ever worked in. 

It’s a company where people can professionally thrive while making a gigantic difference in the world. 

If you want to be a part of what we’re doing here at Zencargo, please check out all our open positions