Hello, my name is Tim Ball, and I’m the VP of Product Management here at Zencargo.

I’ve been with Zencargo for around a year and I lead the improvements on our software platform across the business and ensure we hire the right people for our Product Team. 

Between the exciting supply chain challenges that we’re solving and the great people we work with, it has been a pleasure to work with Zencargo for the past year. 

Zencargo’s Consistently Improving Product

Our mission is to make freight forwarding work for our customers. We’re giving them more visibility, more reliability, and saving them money. We do all of that through our tech platform, the product that we’re constantly evolving and improving for our customers. 

The more we grow, the more customers we’re able to help. Each customer comes with new goals and different demands. We’re always looking for more ways to adapt our product to give every customer the best experience possible.

Zencargo doesn’t just want to stay relevant; we strive to stay ahead of the curve with every chance we get. If we don’t constantly assess the market and adjust our strategy to look for new innovations, our product will not be able to keep up with the industry. 

While our ultimate goal is to disrupt the trillion-dollar shipping industry, our priority is our customers and their satisfaction with what we can offer them. We’re giving them more leverage and control over the shipping process than they’ve ever had before, and we want to continue to impress them with those abilities.

The Future of Zencargo

Even though we’ve been consistently improving since Zencargo’s beginnings, I think this will be a very exciting year for us! We have huge goals and a lot we want to accomplish in the coming months. 

Firstly, we’re rewriting a lot of our tech stack to make it much more flexible and adaptable for bigger companies. We’re creating a  digital twin of people’s supply chain to give us a massive advantage in data quality. 

That alone will put us far ahead of everybody else in the market. It will allow us to build an even more amazing product than what we already have. 

Our data science and collection won’t be just analytics of what has happened. We’ll be able to forecast for the future, providing predictive analytics for our customers to allow them to better plan their supply chains. 

What a Successful Product Team Looks Like

The more we want to improve our product, the more people we need working on it. But because we have a lot to juggle, we have to make sure the teams work together under shared values and goals. 

While individual success looks a little different for everybody, a few things have to come together to create a successful Product Team.

First, we need people who have the right skills for the job and that each team has the right balance of these skills. Everybody is learning as we grow and develop, but specific skills are necessary for a solid jumping-off point. With their skills, it’s our job to make sure everybody is in the best role for what they can do and where they can thrive. 

Autonomy is a hugely important aspect of working with Zencargo. Teams are given a significant amount of autonomy to work through problems, so we have to make sure that we do everything we can to set our people up for success.

Lastly, culture and values are something we’re always aware of, and we believe a team can’t do their best without keeping those things in mind. A healthy culture is noticeable by how they celebrate and support each other, how they interact, and how motivated they are to do the work.  

What Working for Zencargo Looks Like

Zencargo is a fast-paced, stimulating place to work if you love solving problems.

Shipping is a very complex industry. There are decades worth of issues to unravel, and we’re always looking for new strategies to solve unique problems, making our day-to-day work very different. 

Despite that high level of innovation and hard work, the people at Zencargo genuinely want to create a pleasant atmosphere for everybody to work in.

We lead with encouragement and support, not the mountains of top-level stress you might expect from a small company with such big goals. 

Even though we’re constantly growing and evolving, we maintain a stable atmosphere that helps us do our best. 

And in the same way that we’re always looking for new and better solutions for freight forwarding, we’re also always looking at ways of making the experience of working with Zencargo better. 

Having a positive culture is vital to us, and we want to make sure everybody gets the same level of team interaction and interpersonal relations.

Joining the Team

With so many big things in our future, we need the right people in the right roles. 

We’re interviewing and onboarding as we speak. With every new person joining, we ensure they have everything they need to learn about the industry and feel comfortable in their role. Despite the speed we operate at, we make sure nobody gets left behind.

If you’re interested in joining a fast-moving, value-led startup that is looking to solve a very complex worldwide problem, Zencargo is the perfect place for you.